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TypeStatus Plus

  • TypeStatus Plus. The extension to the legendary tweak TypeStatus.

    TypeStatus Plus can help you see who is currently typing a message to you, no matter what app you use. Whether this is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or even the default iOS Messages app, TypeStatus Plus supports all of these and more.

    But, it does not end there. TypeStatus Plus has an API allowing developers to make "providers" to support any given app. With this addition, it is unlikely there will be an app TypeStatus Plus doesn't support.

    With TypeStatus Plus, you will never be left without typing notifications. TypeStatus Plus supports the Apple Watch and Bluetooth Low Energy devices, such as the Pebble smartwatch. TypeStatus Plus deeply integrates with the Apple Watch, leaving you with a sleek interface to enjoy.

    In your Messages app, you can always see who is typing. When you're in the conversation list, a typing indicator will conveniently be added to the given conversation. When you're talking to multiple people at once, this will really come in handy.

    If someone is typing for a while, and you don't really know what's going on, you can always click the typing indicator in your status bar to open up the messages app to your conversation. There has never been a way to access the messaging from the typing indicator with such ease.

    In addition, you can keep track of your unread messages. From the TypeStatus Plus settings, you can configure any app and the badge count for said app will be in your status bar at all times. If you don't have any unread messages, TypeStatus Plus will remove it from your status bar, leaving it clutter free.

    You also will get notifications for when someone starts typing, so that when you're away from your phone, all of your TypeStatus Plus notifications will still be there. Now, you can always see when someone is composing a message to you.

    We've put in a ton of work in to TypeStatus Plus. We hope you enjoy it.

    —Ben Rosen, Adam Demasi, Anh Nguyen, Timon Olsthoorn, and Adam I

    Thanks to the rest of the HASHBANG crew for all of your help and support!

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  • Note that TypeStatus Plus does not add typing indicators to services that don't already have them (such as SMS) - this is not possible.

TypeStatus 2

  • Ever wish you could tell when someone else is typing an iMessage to you or reading an iMessage you’ve sent from where ever you are? With TypeStatus, now you can. The contact’s name will be shown on your device’s status bar, regardless of where you are in iOS. You can also use a simple status bar icon instead of an overlay for typing notifications.

    TypeStatus now also allows you to enable/disable typing and read receipt notifications on a per-contact basis. To access these settings, tap “Details” from your conversation in the Messages app.

  • Looking for more features, including support for more messaging apps, smartwatch integration, and Notification Center integration? Check out TypeStatus Plus!


  • Cephei is a framework that includes various convenience features for developers. Primarily, it focuses on settings-related features, but it also contains other utilties.

    Documentation can be found at hbang.github.io/libcephei.


  • This is a developer library for overriding link destinations — for example, to redirect opening a YouTube link in Safari to a 3rd-party YouTube app.
    Documentation can be found at hbang.github.io/libopener.


  • hbhackertools is a package that users of the command line on jailbroken iOS may find useful to install. It automatically installs a slew of extremely useful command line tools, common libraries, and Crash Reporter. It also includes two tools of its own: msd (Substrate tweak disabler/enabler) and spring (convenient shortcut for respring/safe mode).
    If you’re unsure whether you need this package, you most likely don’t and can just install NewTerm (or a similar terminal app) or OpenSSH.
  • Full list: 7-zip, adv-cmds, APT, basic-cmds, bootstrap-cmds, bzip2, class-dump, coreutils, Crash Reporter, cURL, Cycript, Cydia Substrate, developer-cmds, diffutils, diskdev-cmds, Erica Utilities, file, file-cmds, findutils, Flipswitch, gawk, gdb, git, gzip, inetutils, iokittools, ldid, less, lsof, make, nano, network-cmds, OpenSSH, patch, pincrush, pngcrush, PreferenceLoader, RocketBootstrap, rsync, sbutils, shell-cmds, subversion, sudo, symbolicate, system-cmds, tar, top, UIKit Tools, unrar, unzip, wget, whois, xar, xml2, zip
  • It's recommended that you add the following repos: https://cydia.angelxwind.net/, https://cydia.angelxwind.net/webstack, http://cydia.radare.org, https://coolstar.org/publicrepo. Not required, but packages from these repos are slightly newer.