2.5 Beta 3

  • Brings back album artwork banner icons on iOS 8. (Requires NowListening.)
  • Adds German translations (thanks HalfScoper!).
  • Adds a list of tweaks tested and confirmed to be compatible to the settings.
  • Fixes an issue causing banners to appear with a white background.
  • Fixes a crash when tapping “Test Banner” in the settings.
  • Optimises some files to reduce download size.

2.5 Beta 2

  • Adds some logging (to syslog) in case of internal errors to help find the issue when emailing a crash report.
  • Determines widget icon color from the home screen icon rather than the smaller icon.
  • Fixes a really stupid crash I can't believe I hadn't yet found.

2.5 Beta 1

  • Adds a color vibrancy setting.
  • Adds support for tinting Notification Center widget headers.
  • Adds Chinese translations (thanks Kevin Lee!).
  • Should fix an issue causing iOS 7 to always show the welcome notification when SpringBoard loads.
  • Fixes an issue with bigger icons that could cause SpringBoard to crash.
  • Fixes an issue with Prettier Banners.
  • Code improvements, once again.

2.4 Beta 2

  • Fixes an issue causing opening the Notification Center to crash.
  • I hope I fixed emergency alerts causing a SpringBoard crash this time.
  • Adds a capability for themers to set custom tint colors in their themes. Details
  • Code improvements, again.

2.4 Beta 1 (R2)

  • Fixes an issue causing banners to appear without a background.

2.4 Beta 1

  • Begins to add support for iOS 8.
  • Adds support for contact icons displayed by the tweak PrettierBanners.
  • Various code improvements.


  • Fixes issues with album art icons when TinyBar is installed.
  • Fixes a crash when Priority Hub is installed.
  • Fixes display issues in the notification center.
  • Should fix an issue with emergency alerts causing a SpringBoard crash.
  • Adds a setting to disable dimming secondary notifications.
  • Hides the lock screen and notification center fading at the bottom while scrolling.
  • Hides the fading at the top of the lock screen when SubtleLock’s blurred background is enabled.
  • Improves memory management when the device is low on memory.


  • Adds translations for French and Swedish.
  • Fixes a conflict with auki's notification center quick compose shortcut and potentially other notification center tweaks.
  • Fixes the “now” date text on banners displaying jagged on iOS 7.1.
  • Fixes an issue causing the fade at the top of the lock screen to reach too far, partly covering the first notification’s name.
  • Adds a respring button to the notification center settings as a temporary workaround to issues with toggling these settings.